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Help Wanted

The Anglerfish is currently looking for Graphic Designers to join our staff! If you are interested please send us an email at with a little bit about yourself and a sample of your work!

Emily Graslie

For the February issue, The Anglerfish interviewed Emily Graslie, elaborating on what Brain Scoop is and the influence of the internet as a medium for learning.


300: Rise of An Empire

A fan of Greek Mythology, and the movie 300? Look no further for the sequel following the story of Themistokles' revenge against the Persians is hitting theaters this month!



The YA best selling series by author Veronica Roth is hitting theaters this month. Follow Tris and what it means to be Divergent in a world divided by factions.



The biblical story of Noah is retold in theathers this month, staring Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly.

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